About This Page

This page will feature technical support information for the ARTS1091 Wikispaces site, including video tutorials on tips and tricks that might be needed in course activities, and information on where to go for additional help or support.

Wikispaces Tutorials

Overview for Students

The following video provides an introduction to Wikispaces navigation, and looks at some of the important settings to be aware of - including account settings, discussion options, notification options and other features. (View on YouTube)

Creating New Pages

Contributing and Editing Page Content

This video demonstrates some of the basic edit processes involved in contributing page content to Wikispaces articles - in particular, links (external, internal, and anchors), version commenting, and why you should NEVER paste from Word. (View on YouTube)

Resolving Editing Conflicts

This tutorial demonstrates what happens when two people are editing the same page of a Wikispaces wiki at the same time and discusses the steps you can take to ensure content is not inadvertently overwritten.

‪Wikispaces Widgets‬

‪The following video demonstrates the use of 4 different types of widgets in Wikispaces - specifically, the Table of Contents, References/Footnotes, Embedded Video and Embedded Slideshows.‬ (View on YouTube)

  1. ‪Accessing Widgets (1:42)‬ ‪
  2. Table of Contents (2:22)‬
  3. Reference Markers (5:23)‬
  4. Embedded Video (7:07)‬
  5. Embedded Slideshow (10:45)‬

Removing Extra Horizontal Lines from a Page