I'm enrolled in ARTS1091, how do I join this wiki?

Please see the information on "How to join this wiki."

How do I login?

In the upper right-hand corner of the window you will see a login link. Click on this link and enter your username and password on the following page. Note: this information is Case Sensitive - "YourName" is different to "yourname"; "YourPassword" is different to "yourpassword."

Also, be sure you are ARTS1091 wiki - http://arts1091.unsw.wikispaces.net - and not another UNSW wiki.

I've accidentally overwritten or removed content from our wiki page. What can I do to retrieve them?

Each page of the wiki features a History link at the very top. This area features a record of every change that was made to the page. Click on a date to view the changes that were made on that version - additions to the page will be highlighted in Green; deletions will be highlighted in Red.

Small changes can be retrieved from a previous version and manually copied or applied to the most recent version. Alternatively you can revert to a previous version, which will restore all changes up to the point of that version and REMOVE any subsequent changes.

Important: Reverting to a previous version will remove ALL changes that have occurred since. Only use this as a last resort!