How to contribute to the wiki:

The easiest way to add new content to a wiki page is to simply type it in directly when you click on 'Edit This Page', which should be just about here on the page. You can also add links, files, images and tables using the "editor" bar that appears when you click on 'Edit this page'.
Please be careful though with cutting and pasting content in from other areas, for example from Word. If you do prepare your writing in advance in a word document then it is probably best to put your text into TextPad, or save it as plain text (.txt), so that all the formatting is stripped and it will not corrupt the wiki page.
Format your writing in the wiki, not elsewhere.

One contribution at a time:

Because of the large number of students who will be accessing the Wiki during the semester, we ask that you are patient with the technology and that you WAIT YOUR TURN. If another student already has a page open that you would like to work on, you must wait until they have finished their contribution. There is, unfortunately, the high chance that anything you write while another student is editing the same page will not be saved. So please, WAIT until the page is free. If you are editing the page at the same time as another student and you attempt to save your changes, you will see a message similar to this:


We strongly recommend that you click on ‘Cancel’ and access the page when the other student has finished working on it. We appreciate your patience in this area.

How to SAVE your contributions:

Each time you make a contribution to the Wiki – no matter how minor you think it is – you must save your changes with a comment. This means clicking on the ARROW to the side of the SAVE button [#1], and choosing ‘Save With Comment’.


You then see a dialogue box that asks you to state the type of contribution you have made. For example:


Choose the most appropriate comment from the following table each time you SAVE your Wiki page.

Type of change made:
Minor Change
- Formatting
- Spelling/Grammar
- References
- Structuring/Linking
Use this comment if you are simply editing minor errors on the page, like spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting issues, or errors in referencing.
You may also need to add links between paragraphs, or reorder some paragraphs or rows in your tables to enhance cohesion.
Major Contribution – New Content
Use this comment if you are adding new and original material for the first time.
Major Contribution – Enhancing the work of others
Such contributions might find a relevant quote for a quoteless paragraph and carefully insert it into the work of another student,
slightly changing their phrasing to more directly engage with the quote (try to avoid radical changes to someone else’s work).

How to ADD a new page to the 'Key Thinkers Directory':

1. Find out WHERE in the list your key thinker fits ALPHABETICALLY (by family name).For example, if you want to add David McKnight.

2. Click on the green 'Edit this Page' button, in the Key Thinkers Directory.
3. Place the cursor at the end of the name of the PREVIOUS entry ABOVE where your person fits and press ENTER. This will create a new bullet point between the two entries.


4. Type in the name of your person and highlight the whole name.


5. Click on 'LINK' in the editing toolbar.
6. Check that the name of the person appears in the 'Page Name'.
7. Click on 'Add Link'.


Your person's name should now be underlined like the other entries on the page.

8. Click on 'Save with Comment'.

You should now be able to click on the person's name and a new page will appear. You can now write you page entry for your chosen Key Thinker.