This page contains educational links intended for students who wish to read more on some of the issues/topics that are covered in the BMedia degrees at UNSW.

In the Media:

David McKnight on the Inquiry into Media Bias:

Interesting Stuff Happening in Sydney

Politics in the Pub (Fridays, 6pm, at the Gaelic Club, Devonshire St, Surry Hills)

Press Council Review

An excellent comparative review of the regulation of the media (in Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Australia and the UK) published by Lara Fielden while a visiting fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford University, UK. Click here for to access the full review.


  • Carl Bernstein (of Watergate fame) discusses modern investigative journalism:
  • European Journalism Centre; a great site to find information about media and journalism within European Countries. Heading to Media Landscape will provide the list of available countries.

Australian Live Debating Series 2010


Private-1 Magazine:

See also 'Internet Law, Policy and Governance' section below.

For a great graphical representation of the evolution of Facebook's privacy settings/shifts over the last 5 years have a look at Matt McKeon's visualisation at:

Communications Privacy Complaints: In search of the right path - a consumer research report by the Cyberspace Law & Policy Centre, UNSW.

There is also a newly published article by Danah Boyd and Eszter Hargittai called 'Facebook Privacy Settings: Who Cares? published in First Monday, and available at the following link:

Facebook also provides its users with a link to its privacy page:

Government Regulatory Bodies

Media Ownership Debate/Regulation

Media Monitoring

Other Useful Publications

Internet Law, Policy and Governance

Social Media and Internet Statistics

Media Awareness Network

Media, politics and the network society