On this page, contributors to the ARTS1091 wikispace are invited to create and contribute to discussion of acceptable behaviour in relation to how this wiki is developed.

Social Media Literacy

The following is an interview conducted by Howard Rheingold with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales on collaboration in a wiki.It would be a helpful starting point for anyone who is not familiar with working on a wiki and how to be a good collaborator and to get others to collaborate in group projects.

Overwriting another contributor's work

One problem that occurs in this wiki is the danger of overwriting another person's work, especially when two people are editing the same page at the same time. It is advisable to do short edits and save often. When you get a message warning you that another person is working on the same page, simply navigate away from the page for a moment and come back and edit at a later time.

Page Editors Wanted

It has come to my attention that some of the content pages in the wiki would benefit from having an 'Editor' oversee the structure and development of the page. Since some students simply paste their contributions in without considering where they fit in the page in relation to other information, a few of the pages are looking a little dishevelled. Therefore, if a number of students would like to volunteer to tidy up the pages and put some order into them, these students could gain extra credit for such contributions.
Hopefully, this would only be temporary measure, as all students should remember to make their contributions relevant to the page and to the other contributions around it.
If you are interested in becoming a Page Editor, simply choose a page and send an email to the course convener stating which page you'd like to be responsible for.