Lecture 7 in Week 8 will examine the notion of 'Democracy in the Digital Age'.
Part of this lecture will look at the role of Wikileaks, as a new media outlet, in journalism.There is a vast amount of information available on Wikileaks, and here we provide a few links to recent interviews that we would like you to engage with in preparation for this lecture.

Julian Assange: Why the world needs wikileaks


In conversation with Julian Assange (NOTE: this links to which is sometimes disabled)

Julian Assange on the Afghanistan War Logs

On TV:

SBS ONE: Tuesday 13th September at 8.30pm: WikiSecrets
Examines the events surrounding the biggest intelligence breach in US history - the leaking of more than half a million classified documents on the WikiLeaks website throughout 2010. At the centre of the controversy stands Bradley E. Manning, the Army intelligence analyst who's charged with handing them over. Includes interviews with those closest to Manning and with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. (From the US) (Documentary) M (V) CC.